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My adoration and devotion toward fine craftsmanship was instilled by my father at a young age. I remember as a child my father arriving home from work and proceeding down to our basement workshop. He diligently worked on projects until the wee hours of the morning. My father was a master artisan, who not only handcrafted furniture, but musical instruments, as well. Woodworking was instinctively rooted in my blood. Throughout my life, I tried numerous occupations, but at the end of the day, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in carpentry.

After thirty years into the profession, I have constructed almost every product imaginable out of wood. My life forever changed when I met my co-founder, Jill. Her admiration toward antique items prompted her to introduce me to her favorite vintage store. I was instantly hooked. Who would expect that old heirlooms packed in a musty smelling store could be so fascinating?

My love of woodworking and Jill’s interest in yesteryear’s artifacts established our partnership and genesized our business, J & R Unique Woodworking. We collected old barns, farmhouses, outbuildings, and acquired any necessary supplies to launch our company. Where others may perceive decay in abandoned structures, we acknowledge beauty. Piece-by-piece, Jill and I dismantle and salvage wood, doors, windows, and slate for re-purposing.

Our goal is to retrieve and restore vintage materials for future generations to enjoy. We pride ourselves in transforming recycled materials into tables of all shapes, sizes, and designs. Custom wood floor inlays are also perfect décor additions to accent modern homes.

Throughout our journey, Jill and I have been blessed to meet many friendly faces who fondly recollect and share their captivating stories of their structures we reclaim. Many of these people are now our dear friends that we wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for our neverending quest to locate our next exciting project! Next time you witness two people climbing an old farmhouse, there is a strong plausibility it is Jill and me! 
We’re fulfilling our aspirations each and every day by doing what we love best; reclaiming, preserving, and repurposing building materials from days gone by.

Happy trails, and remember: Don’t dream your life. Live the dream by pursuing your passion!

"Reclaiming the past...
           ...For a better future"
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